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A pleasure for the eyes and taste buds

What’s better than a great restaurant? A great restaurant with a stunning view! Aldo, one of Arona’s most historic restaurants, offers a unique setting. Here, good cuisine beckons you to one of the most enchanting views over Lake Maggiore. Choosing between countless possibilities of meat, fish and pizza has never been so enjoyable.

A varied and innovative menu that satisfies even the most demanding palates. And for those who are more indecisive, we will sweeten the wait with a breathtaking view directly overlooking the lake, out towards the Rocca Borromeo di Angera. The view can be admired from both inside and outside the restaurant, as well as from the adjoining piazza in summer. A privilege that can be enjoyed by all, this is why we would ask you to always make a reservation in order to experience this unique dining pleasure.

Taste all round

When high quality ingredients meet creativity, our pizzas come to life. Four different kinds of dough for all requirements: traditional, whole wheat, soy flour, kamut. More than 50 types of pizza have always made our restaurant an invaluable point of reference for those in Arona looking for a pizzeria. Rich, tasty and always with an extra touch of something special. Here are some of the most popular creations among our customers:

This month’s specialties

For those like us who believe that the quality of the ingredients is an essential factor, using seasonal raw materials is not just a choice, it is a must. Each month, our menu is therefore enriched with dishes that are often inspired by local produce to add even greater freshness to what we offer. Here are the latest dishes we have prepared for you:

June - Asparagus

Green asparagus “di Altedo” PGI,
burrata, Cantabrian anchovies
and green tomato chutney


Mezze maniche (short pasta)
with asparagus, sea cicadas,
prawns and cherry tomatoes


John Dory fillet, asparagus
and lemon “salsa verde”
(cold rustic sauce)


Pizza del mese

Mozzarella, burrata cheese, asparagus
cream, cherry tomatoes,



Crostatina di frutta
Shortcrust with custard
and seasonal fruits


July - Maghreb

Fish pastilla and crustaceans
(Traditional Berber dish, the Pastilla is
composed of phyllo dough layers and fish
flavored with saffron, ginger,
fresh coriander and ras el hanout)


FISH Tajine
(Sea bass, shellfish, mussels and clams)


MEAT Tajine
(Lamb, plums and almonds)


Pizza del mese

Tomato, mozzarella,
sweet and sour peppers,
Cantabrian anchovies, ricotta cheese



Zuppetta di frutta
Custard with strawberries, raspberries,
passion fruit and whipped cream


August - Shellfish

Sicilian red prawn tartare
with basil and citrus emulsion
on burrata cheese


Tagliolini pasta
with lobster


Scampi and king prawns au gratin
with aromatic bread


Pizza del mese

Mozzarella, buffalo mozzarella,
prawns, yellow cherry tomatoes,
italian anchovies sauce



Sponge cake, passion fruit,
mango and whipped cream


​A sip of Italy​

To accompany your dishes, our restaurant has a wine cellar that contains the great Italian classics. However, it grants special attention to the region’s traditional produce which offers a treasure chest of unique gems. Gattinara, Boca and Ghemme are just some of the wines from the Novara province that you can try, selected from the region’s most prestigious wine cellars.

Where We Are

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